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Empress Crownz Owner

Empress Crownz, a beacon in the local hair industry since its foundation in 2018, stands as a testament to the undying passion and vision of its Owner and CEO, Kishia King. Hailing from eastern North Carolina, Kishia's love for hairstyling blossomed during her middle school years. While her career initially ventured into healthcare and insurance, destiny had other plans, consistently drawing her back to her inaugural love—hair.

Kishia, with her indomitable spirit, built Empress Crownz not just as a salon, but as a haven where individuals don't just look like royalty but genuinely feel it. She believes in the transformative power of beauty, and with each strand styled, she imbues her clients with confidence befitting of emperors and empresses.

But Kishia's vision doesn't stop at the salon chair. As Empress Crownz expands, so does her ambition. She's now on a mission to uplift and guide budding beauty professionals, helping them carve robust brands and nurture growing clienteles. The horizon looks promising, as Kishia pioneers a community of beauty mavens, elevating their businesses to unparalleled heights. The journey of Empress Crownz is just beginning, and its future, under Kishia's leadership, is set to be luminous

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Empress Crownz Team

Meet the creative minds behind Empress Crownz's renowned transformations: our stylists. Each one, with their distinct flair and profound expertise, is committed to understanding and actualizing your unique hair aspirations. From mastering the classics to pioneering contemporary trends, they continuously evolve, ensuring every client leaves our salon feeling like royalty.

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