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Empress Crownz

Empress Crownz, since its inception in 2018, has rapidly emerged as a beacon of excellence in the local salon industry. More than just an up-and-coming salon, we're a revolution in hair care and style. Our journey began with a singular vision: to prioritize the health and vitality of our clients' hair. This ethos is deeply rooted in every strand of our establishment.

From our carefully curated selection of premium hair products to our diverse range of tailored services, Empress Crownz is dedicated to delivering a holistic hair care experience. Our team of seasoned professionals bring a wealth of expertise, ensuring that each client not only looks but also feels their best. We believe that every individual deserves exceptional hair care, and we strive to make this accessible to all.

At Empress Crownz, you're not just a client; you're part of our ever-growing family. A community bound by the love of healthy, radiant hair. Join us on this journey of beauty and transformation, where your hair's health and style reign supreme

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Our Services

Embark on a transformative hair journey tailored uniquely to you. At Empress Crownz, we believe in the magic of individuality. Our range of specialized services is curated to not only enhance your natural beauty but also elevate your confidence. From timeless classics to contemporary trends, our experts are dedicated to realizing your hair aspirations with finesse and flair. Dive into our diverse offerings below and find the perfect service to crown your look

Service Categories Include




Extensions & Color






Kids styles


Natural styles

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